Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What You Do

What do you do when you find out your landlord is selling the house you've been living in for almost four years?

1. Resist running. While certain that running would make me feel better, I did everything I could to talk myself out of running today.

2. Run. When I finally got out there I ran hard. Harder and faster than I normally do and an extra half mile for good measure.

3. Take good care of yourself. See above. Plus I made brown rice to go with my lunch - no fluffy white rice here. Crisis girl needs her whole grains.

4. Chocolate cake. Chocolate cake will make everything better, right?

5. Rally the troops. Circle the wagons. I talked to my most necessary people today and each one told me, it would be okay. We'd find a better place and that our landlord was a creep.

6. Lean. I don't lean on Lefty much. I am a high functioning, low maintenance kind of wife, but I know when to lean.

7. Start looking. We looked at a house this morning. We'll take the morning tomorrow to look some more.

8. Count your blessings. I detest the granite flooring in the kitchen of this house. It was bumpy, chewed through socks like a goat, and smelled like a penny when it was mopped. I won't miss it.

9. Talk strategy. Envision better flooring, a fireplace, a tree house, anything's possible.

10. Be grateful. Grateful for what we have and grateful that we have the resources to tackle this.


  1. Everything WILL be okay--you'll find a much better house with a much nicer landlord--can you feel those positive waves I'm currently sending out to you?!

    It's an extremely good list--lots of balance (brown rice AND cake--good, very good), lots of love. Be kind to yourself and know it will work out for the best!

  2. Karen, thanks for the good vibes. I can really feel them.

  3. Great list. Running through resistance, whole grains, and chocolate cake. I hope with really good frosting.

  4. re: #6, low maintenance wife. Yeah, that's exactly how Steve describes me, too! High functioning, low...

    oh, wait.

    But he does say I make great chocolate cake.

    Good luck with the move. Don't forget you've always got your peeps in PDX if you need to leave the state.

  5. WM, don't tempt me!! I had a couple of "run away from home" moments this weekend and I might end up on your couch!

    No, really thanks for the luck. It's a case of we know things will work out but heavens, its a gigantic hassle.

  6. We have TWO couches, how convenient :)