Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In Other News…

There are so many things I want to tell you today, how we spent an awesome long weekend with Lefty's oldest and dearest friend P, and how my kitchen table was turned into a recording studio, or how The Kid is sad that his best friend for the past two years has stopped being his friend and is now (the shoving on the playground has stopped) tormenting and teasing him mercilessly. He made The Kid so angry yesterday at lunch that The Kid hauled off and chucked his water bottle at him and must eat lunch by himself in "time out" today for a punishment. I could talk about the glorious inauguration of our 44th president and how damn proud I am to be an American these days.

All that must wait because today I want to talk to you about this guy.

Today is Lefty's birthday. (Thus begins the five days in which we are the same age - on the 26th I must resume my place as "the older woman".)

He is the solid foundation on which our little triangle balances. He is an amazing father, husband, musician, scientist and teacher. I love him madly and with all my heart.

Happy Birthday, Lefty!


  1. Oh, Laura, I hope that you all have had a Happy Lefty's Birthday so far and that you have a great celebration tonight!

    Then, tomorrow, tell us all the other stuff!

    Happy Birthday Lefty!

  2. He sounds like my kind of guy (I know, I know...he's yours!!)--Happy Birthday, Lefty!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lefty! And many more1