Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We celebrated The Kid's eighth birthday on the 27th. He chose chinese food for dinner. (He's working on his chopstick technique.) We told him the story of his birth, how Lefty spilled coffee on my favorite sweater while I was in labor, how the nurse warned me that he might not cry (c-section babies often don't for a moment or two) and how despite that he came out mewing, a little like a cat.

And now he's eight and such an amazing kid. I am so happy to be his mom.


  1. Happy Birthday to The Kid! He looks more boy and less baby these days.

  2. Happy, happy birthday! He's just beautiful -- ahem, I mean awesome and cool. Eight!

  3. I know! I know! He's turning into a "big kid" before my very eyes...

    Happy New Year, my friends. I have a feeling 2009 is going to be an incredible year for all of us.

  4. Happy Birthday, Kid!!

    And happy anniversary of the birth day to you, too, Laura!