Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sort of Back to Normal

We are recovering from our Thanksgiving nicely. I will eat one more turkey sandwich and then I will be done. For the year. With the turkey.

We had some fine weather this weekend and took advantage of it by spending time out in the yard. Although Autumn is subtle and fleeting in South Texas, the leaves do change and then fall off the trees. Lefty raked and The Kid and I helped bag up all the leaves.

I had just settled onto the front steps when Lefty and The Kid invited me on a walk around the block. The great thing about San Antonio is that you can go for a walk in sandals at the end of November. I abandoned my knitting amongst the leftover pumpkins on the steps. (Every year we take great pride in how long our small pumpkins last without starting to rot. Last year we had one last until May!)

The Kid balanced his walking stick on his shoulder.

We walked around the block.

Oh, and there was this.

Sidewalk Ninja from Laura on Vimeo.

Goodbye NaBloPoMo, hello December!


  1. Hi Laura,
    I'm staying away from the scale tomorrow whew, too much food this weekend - and lots of fun.

    I laughed when I saw the Keep Austin Weird shirt; I was just in Portland (OR) where they have that shirt in a Portland version.

    I had no idea Austin was weird!

  2. Blinded by the skillz! THE MAD SKILLZ!

  3. I LOVE Lefty's t-shirt!

    That's so cool, your addition of videos into the blog--that's something that I've got to learn. (Nathan has a Happy Dance that's just screaming to be shown!)

  4. That is a gorgeous yarn you're using. Where did you get it?

  5. That is some lovely sock yarn given to me by my mother, who lives in Maine, so it's origins are a mystery.

    It's beautiful though - I love it too!