Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Thanks

We had a lovely holiday with just one cooking catastrophe and very little drama. I only got into that wound up, teeth clenched mode once during a small incidence of possible salmonella contamination but was able to shake it off. Oh, and the gravy was terrible but I've never had much luck with turkey gravy anyway so I wasn't surprised. We threw it out and moved on.

I brined the turkey in a cooler and The Kid enjoyed using it as a chair until it was time to cook.

My morning began with cake baking. Unfortunately, I forgot the recipe I was using called for 9 inch cake pans. I used my 8 inch pans, overfilled them and we had a chocolate-cake-cooking-over-the-edge-of-the-pan disaster in the bottom of the oven at nine o'clock in the morning. It looked like this.My beloved and much appreciated husband helped me remove the disastrous cake blob from the bottom of the oven. He also fine tuned the flush of the toilet, all on the same day.

For the centerpiece, we took some mini pumpkins left over from Halloween and wrote the things we were thankful for on them. The Kid added some legos as the finishing touch because really, what centerpiece is complete without legos?

Our dinner was wonderful, but my turkey sandwich today was magnificent - I think that may be my very favorite part.

That being said, I did feel like I spent most of my day in the kitchen. I hope to scale down and simplify Christmas dinner so I can spend more time playing, less time cooking. Wish me luck.

How was your holiday?


  1. Hi Laura -- I'm waiting to re-emerge into Blogland until Mark leaves for Hot Springs in the morning, but I just wanted to pop in to say -- looks like a lovely Thanksgiving!

    Was there cranberry sauce on that sandwich?

  2. Hey Laura! I assumed you would not spend much time sitting in front of the computer while Mark was home. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday all together!

    I am a turkey sandwich purist, rye bread, turkey, lettuce, tomato, mayo and fresh black pepper. I am going to make some basil mayonnaise today to try on a sandwich.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. I think the Legos make the table, for sure.

  4. Thanks, Professor J! I hope you enjoyed your holiday.

  5. I did all the prep and all the cooking and all the cleanup for our Thanksgiving feast.

    And this is why we have Chinese on Christmas Day. And I've never even seen "A Christmas Story" though everyone asks me if this is why we do Chinese takeout. Believe it or not, it was originally prompted by a story on NPR.

    I used something in a package mix called "Better than Turkey" for gravy, since I am awful with pan drippings gravy and it was fantastic! I had my turkey sandwich on Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Orange Cranberry bread - YUMMY!