Monday, November 10, 2008

Behold the Power of the Internet

The great thing about the internet is the way people can find you after having lost track of you years ago.

I had an email from one of those lost friends this weekend. (Hi Kyle!) It was amazing to be suddenly reminded of this group of people I ran around with when I was a teenager, to have a momentary window back to that time. To know that those people who meant so much to me still remember me after all these years, after I ran away to Maine and dropped off the face of the familiar Houston streets. To know that I wasn't forgotten is enough to bring tears to my eyes. These were the people who taught me the meaning of "finding your tribe", the people around whom I first felt extraordinary, magic, talented and smart.

I am happy to be found.

Before this blog, I would have probably spiffed up my resume a bit when I emailed back, made my life appear to be a little shinier than it really is. The trouble with this blog is that I can't get away with that anymore. Now, my life is laid out, insecurities, piles of laundry and all, and it is easy for anyone to read back a bit and get a sense of what my life is like now. It's not particularly shiny but it's a happy, good life, an honest life.

Hearing from Kyle reminded me of the girl I used to be and I spent some time remembering her this weekend. I may have judged her a little harshly. I hope I was a better friend than I remember, less self centered, more kind. I hope there's still something of that girl in me for these old friends to recognize.

Have you found any lost friends through the internet? Has anyone found you?


  1. A couple of people through Classmates, but not many. I tend to keep up with people....perhaps long after I should. In fact, I'm mulling over a post about that very thing.

  2. Oh, let me see ... The people I hope don't find me outnumber the people I hope do. I have never been to a high school reunion. I tend to be pretty good at moving on and leaving behind.

    I'm glad it was a positive thing for you. Also, I think your life looks plenty shiny -- sparkly, even!

  3. Other than Barb, no. My last name is hard to spell.

  4. Laura, I've never done a reunion either. I didn't like most of those people in high school, I don't think I'm going to like them now.

  5. Hi Laura -

    You WERE judging yourself harshly. No one I know that remembers you has anything but good things to say. I always thought of you as MY Columbia, and my lament was always that we only had the weekends to hang out. :)

    Penny is a-gush. I sent her this blog post.

    And you will never be forgotten, sweetheart. Only missed.


    Kyle...and a host of others.

    PS...I am trying to work out a trip to Austin soon...would love to make it to SA and see your clan. :)