Monday, October 13, 2008

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

It is with a happy heart that I join Mrs. G and my fellow derfs today in giving you a peek at an ordinary day here at One of Three. Do go over and have a peek into the lives of some of the loveliest folks on the internet.

My morning starts at 6am, which is too early to be pointing a camera at anything or anyone. I have my one (yes, one) cup of coffee and check the local weather. I daydream until 6:30 and then, I wake up Lefty and The Kid. There's breakfast and a mass brushing of teeth, and donning of clothes and we drive The Kid to school.

Lefty and I walk him down this crosswalk to the school.

On mornings when he lectures, I drive Lefty to campus and drop him off with his bike. On non-lecture days, he bikes in.


with a bit of journal-writing and to do list thrown in for good measure.

Next, I walk.

This is more of a stroll, than exercise - a ramble around the block just to clear my head.

I feed Albert.

I sit down at my desk (which is a disaster, thank you for noticing) and write. I try with all my might not to get up from here for a good stretch but I'm often distracted by

dishes or

laundry to wash or

laundry to fold or

decorating to do or

messes to manage or

piles to contemplate.

I take a break for lunch and read some blogs, answer emails and read or

knit for a while.

I pick The Kid up at school and we have a snack

and some homework and some of this

and a little bit of this

a whole lot of this.

Lefty rides home and we have dinner, and a little more play time, then a bath for The Kid and our favorite part of the day, bedtime reading.

Lefty and I settle in for some stimulating adult conversation, I mean, television. I knit, he works on his laptop and then I'm off to bed.


  1. What a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing. I just want to ruffle The Kid's beautiful hair.

  2. I agree with Mrs. G... what beautiful hair the Kid has.

  3. it all looks wonderful...i wonder, do you have a favorite part?


  4. I love seeing the glimpses of your ordinary days. :)

    For a minute, I thought you were distracted from writing by having a big goblet of wine, but I see that you meant doing the dishes, and that those are water goblets.

    Decorating to do! Put up those Halloween lights! We get ZERO trick-or-treaters back here in the woods, but I like putting orange twinkle lights all over the porch anyway. Then taking them down sometime around Christmas, 'cause I get tired of Mark bugging me about them. :)

  5. Hey Lefty. The Kid's bedtime reading is truly my favorite part of the day.

    And Laura, I SOOOO drink wine out of those big old goblets...

  6. wow, you make your bed... i only make our bed when it's time to pile folded clean laundry on it. and when i change the sheets. that quilt is beautiful.

    thanks for sharing your day!!