Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Things We’re Proud Of

We've had a lovely weekend around here. Here are some of things we are proud of:

Lefty is proud of his compost. It is looking great. It's even sprouting little watermelon plants!

The Kid is proud of his knitting. We've had so much fun sitting down to knit together. This is his first project.

I am proud of the fact that I conquered my fear and sat down to "turn the heel" of my sock. I give you, my first heel.

There are a few more things I'm proud of, but I'm saving them for tomorrow!


  1. It looks like everyone has something cool going on at your house. I am a compost junkie-that looks like good dirt.

  2. Thanks. We are summering pretty well and we're sending some sunshine your way.

    I hope things brighten up soon.

  3. Composting is the one of the things I keep meaning to do and haven't yet gotten around to...must get on the ball! And oh the knitting! The sock looks gorgeous--it's making me want to dig out the materials from the knitting class I took in 1989 and dropped after three weeks (right around the time we were supposed to be learning increase/decrease and it somehow felt beyond me)...I could do it!

    What a lovely weekend!

  4. Hi Karen! It was a good weekend and I hope your's was good too.

  5. Composting and knitting! Two favorites around here, too. Nice heel, by the way.