Thursday, June 26, 2008

Home is Where the Heart Is

Mrs. G wondered about the heart of our homes, so here's the story of ours.

When we moved into this house, I suggested we put our couch and loveseat and the television in the front room and Lefty disagreed. His argument was to put the living room furniture in the space across from the kitchen. He said, Laura, you will be spending huge amounts of time in the kitchen and if The Kid and I are off in another room, we'll miss you.

He was so right. I love puttering around in the kitchen and having the rest of my little family right across from me.

So, here's the heart of our home.

And a closer look at the perpetual pile of toys that lives on our living room rug.

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  1. Ack! Blogger just ate my comment! It always eats the good ones! Let's see ... trying to remember ...

    That looks like our floor here, a few years back, when the boys were younger.

    Are the dinosaurs attacking the chocolate?? That's serious! Kid! Get in there and DEFEND THAT CHOCOLATE!!

    Hey, Laura -- has The Kid traded carrying around his book on Einstein for The Naked Chef? Perhaps he is writing his own book? "Cooking with the Theory of Relativity", by The Kid.

    Love your Heart of the Home. :)

  2. *gasp* I love your floor. And, I'm guessing the views to the outside must be lovely.

  3. Thanks, ya'll. While the granite tiles may look cool they're a gigantic pain in the arse to clean and they are very hard on socks and bare feet and god forbid you drop a glass of wine - shatter city!

    Laura, Jamie Oliver is one of my new imaginary boyfriends/cooking buddies. I am venturing into the land of homemade pasta and he makes it sound so damn easy, I couldn't resist!

  4. I love that there are little toys on your rug...(no, I'm not crazy).

  5. Smart man! I spy one of my fav guys on the floor :-)

  6. Toys are just another type of accessory, don't you know?

    Great floors.

  7. You are right before me on the list so I am going to leave you a comment. We are like sisters! Solidarity in the line!

    Looking at your photos, I'm going to guess you have kids. And a lot of love. Did it warm your heart when the HB told you he would miss you if the couch separated you from him? When my husband said a similar thing to me, I thought my heart was going to burst with happiness.

  8. No home is complete without small plastic toys things on the rug. Thanks for sharing your space.

  9. Are those Bionicles in the carpet melee? We used to have plastic toys all over the place. Now my boys are more grown up and it's video game paraphernalia and computers. Someday they'll be gone completely, so I'm not complaining.

  10. Thanks for letting us come take a peak - a man with a good idea. Now that is rare in my world!

  11. Thanks for the visit to my house today, and thanks for showing us what a real house looks like with real toys on the floor!

  12. Your husband was right; having those you love nearby is definitely better. Thanks for sharing your home!

  13. Smart cookie you have there! =) Now that my teens have a "game room" that is basically their own living room, I hardly ever see them, but I make a point to go upstairs and hang out in their space every so often. They seem to talk more when I'm in "their" living room than when they are in "mine."

    I even miss the toys on the floor. Now it's DVD's and video games mostly. My how things change!

    Well it was nice to stop by...I'm checking out as many of the Derfwad circle of "open houses" as I can. Glad to meet you! =)

  14. Thanks. Thank. Thanks.

    Thank you to everyone who came by, especially you first-timers who popped over from Mrs. G's place...