Sunday, May 4, 2008

Technology Showcase

The Kid participated in the 2nd annual district-wide Technology Showcase yesterday. It's a chance for some select kids to show off their computer skills and things they've done with technology in the classroom. He was the only student in his class to present and it is my completely unprejudiced opinion that he was amazing.

This is one of the things I truly truly love about this school district. For all the entitled attitudes and Escalade driving robo-moms, they really do have awesome programs and classes. After The Kid's presentation we attended four others that highlighted the things older kids are learning, like Flash Macromedia game creation, video editing and robotics.

Although he claimed to be nervous, it was hard to tell. He could roll his eyes at his picture-taking Mom before his presentation.

He seemed a little small in front of the really big screen.

He knew his material and enjoyed showing off his skills. His presentation was on Antarctic seals and he used Power Point and included some beautiful video clips of baby seals. He did not get his PowerPoint skills from me. I can barely navigate the software.

To celebrate, we had ice cream and after supper, The Kid jammed in the kitchen.

Jamming in the Kitchen from Laura on Vimeo.


  1. I'm thinking he has serious jammin' talent. He's looking more "older kiddish" of late-have you noticed?

    Congrats on your 30 days of poetry!

  2. Thanks...and yeah, I have noticed. It's getting harder and harder to find my baby in his face (unless he's asleep).

    But that's what kid's do, right? They grow up - and their mom's sometimes walk around with tears in their eyes because they are so very proud.

  3. Drat--I read this days ago and thought I commented--must get out of this mind-fuddling funk!

    I loved it! The Kid is adorable--and obviously smart, too!

  4. Hey Karen! I always go through a funk when the season changes, even as subtle as the changes are here in South Texas. Plus, I always forget and someone has to remind me that my funk is seasonal and will soon lift which can be almost annoying as the funk itself!

    Thankfully, since spring lasts about a week here and it's supposed to be (I kid you not) 100 degrees today, I will hopefully be funk free till fall.

    I do hope the clouds lift for you soon.