Friday, May 23, 2008


On Wednesday, The Kid won his first point sparring match ever.

I made four trips to The Kid's school yesterday. I have had enough elementary school to last me a good long while. On a positive note, the vice-principal agreed to bend the no-hat policy for The Kid and is informing his teachers to let him where a hat whenever he's outside.

I've started the heel flap on my sock, but I've been too busy to knit most of this week. It's the kind of knitting where you have to pay close attention and by the time the evening rolled around the last couple of days, I was in no shape for close attention. I managed to fold clothes instead.

We found a louse in The Kid's hair this morning (we've been checking daily since the outbreak) and de-lousing de-railed my entire morning. We resorted to the insecticide shampoo and the smell gave me a terrible headache… and a panic attack.

I'm getting ready for a trip to Ft. Worth over Father's Day weekend that involves my mom, a family reunion with a large amount of distant relatives I either haven't seen in 20 years or I've never met at all, the sister who's not speaking to me and introducing Lefty and The Kid to my mom's side of the family for the first time. Oh, and the finances for the trip are, shall we say, tight.

The Kid created an anatomically correct Lego Bionicle (if you don't know, don't ask) this evening.


  1. Oh lice. It 'tis the season. I would love to catch a glimpse of that Bionicle. those parts actually do exist. Hope your trip is as fun as it can be.

  2. Dear Mrs. G. I hope your household and the lice have happily parted ways!

    And thanks for the good wishes about the trip. I'm sure it will be less stressful and more fun than I'm imagining at this point. I just think there may be some drama and I just don't do drama anymore...

  3. Um. . . . even one louse is an infestation!! Good luck!!!

  4. Thanks. We are ever vigilant on the lice front - so far so good!

  5. I'm not talking about the lice (I'm afraid that even mentioning it will bring the lice gods down hard on me and mine).

    As for the other stuff--we're actually going to Michigan this summer to visit family. I am NOT looking forward to it. I think of it this way, though--I will no doubt get plenty of blogging material.

    And now I'm picturing an anatomically correct Lego Bionicle...