Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day!

Back when Lefty & I first started thinking about having a child, some very wonderful and wise women tried to tell me a bit about motherhood. They tried to explain to how being a mother reaches deep into your heart and breaks it (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot) and from the moment your child is born, a piece of your heart is outside of you, moving around in the world. I didn't get it back then. Now, I do.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you, to the mothers who came before us and the mothers yet to come, to my mom and my sisters, and to all of my mom friends out here in the big bloggy world. May the Mother's Day fairies grant your fondest wishes.

I have been showered in Mother's Day wonder since Thursday afternoon and the Mother's Tea at The Kid's school. There was tea (iced, of course, it's Texas) and cookies and brownies. There was a movie of all the kids talking about their moms. I cried and laughed and The Kid, who is such a big kid all of a sudden, actually sat on my lap, which was, perhaps, my favorite part.

This morning, a card from Lefty was waiting on the table. What do you think? Curvy heart or voluptuous upside-down butt?

The Kid made me a recipe book ( my favorite so far being "spaghetti milkshake") and a cooking journal.

Here's The Anatomy of a Mom. My favorite part is a mom's "nose is for smelling her child". All this time, I thought I was getting away with sniffing his head without him noticing.

The Kid's class wrote an anthology. Every child decorated a page saying my mom is as _________ as a _________. Some mom's were as pretty as super models, or as smart as a teacher, or as friendly as a puppy. I wouldn't trade my page for any of those.

The Kid created two beautiful things for me in art class. The first is this necklace. The imprint is from his sneaker and the colors perfectly match my favorite out-to-dinner-dress.

I hope you can see the beautiful jewel-like pool of green glass in the little pinch pot he made me. It's really a treasure and I'm going to keep it on the counter over the sink to remind me of how surrounded we are with beauty and wonder every day, even while tackling the dinner dishes.

I'm wishing all of you a healthy dose of beauty and wonder today and a nap, if a nap is what you want. Happy Mother's Day, You'all!


  1. Have the greatest of days-you have received some real treasures.

  2. You too, Mrs. G. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Now you're making me all teary-eyed--what a beautiful Mother's Day/long weekend! What a beautiful family!