Friday, April 11, 2008

The First Grade Play

The Kid's first grade play was last night and it was wonderful. You may remember at the Christmas program, I was surprised that he was so serious and didn't seem to have much fun being on stage.

Well, my friends, those days are gone. Last night, he took the stage with a huge full arm (think Castro on parade in Cuba) wave to the crowd. He sang with all kinds of enthusiasm. He even danced with a girl (gasp)! As his class exited the stage, he took off the leg of his costume (he was a cricket, all the children were dressed as different bugs) and waved to the audience again. Big waves, big smile. It was, in a word, awesome.

I'm putting this extremely short clip here just to thrill you with the sound of six and seven year olds singing. Beware, the lighting's awful. In fact, you should probably just close your eyes and listen.

The First Grade Sings from Laura on Vimeo.

Is there any better sound in the world?


  1. Oh if I could only have a teeny tiny little bit of their energy and enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing a little of the magic.

  2. I love the shoes in your new little photo.

    I wish I had photos but the lighting in the school auditorium is impossible and I couldn't bring myself to join the stampede at the front of the stage.

    Sometimes I think it's better to just have the experience rather than being hell-bent on recording the experience...

    I'm glad you enjoyed the magic!

  3. That's a constant war with me--do I video tape the event, or live the event? Future, or now?


  4. man, next time ask lefty to hold the camera.

    to be honest the camera looked like it was doing the cha-cha.

  5. Ah, the camera WAS doing the cha cha.

    Next time, I'll put your dad in charge of the camera!