Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Family that Blogs Together…

For the longest time, The Kid has wanted a blog. He reads this blog with more frequency than Lefty (and has made some pretty insightful comments on poems I've written for my National Poetry Month poem a day project). Often the first question I hear after school is, "Did you post today? What did you write about?" He has, on occasion, made supervised visits to some of your blogs. So over the weekend, I set him up with a blog of his own.

Now, before you'all have a cow about vulnerable kiddos turned loose in the big bloggy world, let me offer some assurances. Our family computer is in a very public space (the front room we call "the parlor"). The Kid is never online without a parent within eye or ear shot – most often one of us is right beside him to lend technical support as well as parental supervision. I'm moderating his comments myself.

The Kid is in love with the technology. He thrills at the idea of internet community - perhaps he'll find a friend or two to talk Legos, Star Wars, Bionicle and Pokemon with. I hope so.

So, you, my faithful reader, are invited to go on over there and say hi. The Kid will be thrilled.


  1. I think that's GREAT, Laura! He must be a born writer, as well as a future tech geek.

    We don't worry about all the fear out there concerning kids on the internet. Our main computer is in our big kitchen area, where there is always someone to help out if a kiddo has a question. (Now that they're older, they help me more than I help them, of course.) I'm off to visit The Kid's blog ...

  2. Are you kidding? That's fantastic! He wants to express himself! I'm off to visit right now...

  3. Very cool blog! I'm going to have my Ethan go and check it out after school today. He loves Lego, Star Wars, Bionicle and Pokemon too!

  4. Personally, I think that this is great...it's strange, but I would rather have my 10-year-old doing stuff on the computer than sitting on his butt in front of the tv!
    I will also have Issei check your son's blog out...he too loves Legos, Bionicle and Pokemon (!!!). Issei doesn't read or write in English, yet, so I will be his translator!!! :-D

  5. I will tell Dude about it today! He's showing interest in having his own and I'm with you - writing and creating is clearly superior to staring blankly at Zack and Cody!