Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring and All

I wish I could take credit for these beauties, but I really had very little to do with them. There were four tea rose bushes in the front yard when we moved into this house. Two bushes expired during the first summer from a combination of drought and some crazy wild morning glory vine that just choked the life out of them. There are two left. One produces a mad amount of tiny pink roses, junior-prom-corsage-roses. These are from the other bush that produces ivory roses that have the most gorgeous almost lemony smell. To walk past the bush in full sun is almost to swoon from the scent.

All I've done to contribute to this flowery bounty is water them sporadically and cut them back severely in the winter. In fact, every time I cut them back I begin to think about what I'll replace them with because I'm convinced they won't survive my pruning. They're damn stubborn little bushes and I love them.


  1. Oh, lovely photos! And I can just smell them along with you!

  2. They are beautiful. I wish I could smell them.

  3. I love the flowers,too bad ther is no such thing as smell thru the computer,alas my lose.