Monday, March 17, 2008

The Kid and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

The Kid has picked up some new reading material for his Spring Break. We were talking about Albert Einstein (it was his birthday) at dinner a few night's ago and Lefty pulled out this book to show The Kid the picture on the cover. The Kid insisted that he wanted to read it and he has dutifully turned pages during his reading time at night. He obviously is not really reading it – my kid is smart but not scary smart – but he is enjoying finding words that he thinks might be misspelled (mostly British spellings). He's also taken to throwing the occasional word from the book into conversation, like confluence or continuum.


  1. Makes a really interesting picture, tho ;-)

  2. Great picture....but, me thinks he is holding the book just a.little. his.eyes.
    (My 10-year-old wondered if he was sleeping!!!)
    Sneaky little devil you got there!!!

  3. finding words that might be misspelled....i heart him.