Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day

I am all for a day devoted to love and showing the people you live with and sometimes have to nag or cajole to get out of the car, or nudge to roll over in the midst of a rather dramatic snore, that you love them. What we don't do in our family is buy diamonds, flowers or cards although we have succumbed to the occassional chocolate. Our gifts to each other before we became parents were a little more extravagant. One year Lefty gave me a beautiful red dress that is to this day one of my very favorites. Now that we're three, we tend toward the practical extravagances. Books, favorite foods, little luxury items we don't buy for ourselves. We make each other cards. We have a special dinner, this year, angel hair and meatballs, (The Kid's favorite) and we spend the evening together. It's a simple little tradition, but we love it – and we love each other.

And here's a special valentine for you, oh internet of my dreams. You have welcomed me into the land of blogs with a kindness that I didn't expect and I love you for that.


  1. A belated Happy Valentine's Day to you!

    I know the holiday gets lots of flak, but I like it. People argue that they don't need some card company telling them it's time to tell loved ones they care (and, by the way, spend lots of money)--true--but how often DO we stop and speak of our love? I'd wager not nearly often enough. This holiday actually does make us pause and think about the people we love--and it needn't cost a dime!

  2. Thanks. (blush) Is it wrong that blogging makes me so incerdibly happy?!

    We had a fine valentine's day. I hope you had a good one too.