Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Whole Lotta Not Very Much

Hello from the No-Man's-Land that is the time between the actual holidays and the recommencing of school (The Kid's first grade and Lefty's Spring semester). Realizing that I was badly in need of some time alone, I set out this morning to run a few errands. Alone. I picked up a few groceries, found a calendar that will fit into this funky little wall space in my kitchen and wandered around with the cool kids in Whole Foods. I also bit the bullet and bought some circular knitting needles for this baby blanket I'm knitting for a baby boy to be born in March. The weight of the blanket on the straight needles was making my thumb hurt every time I picked the project up and I was beginning to despair.

Several people have asked what The Kid is listening to in his New Year's video. It's Joe Jackson's "Look Sharp". I have to also clarify that the MP3 player tucked into his pj bottoms is not actually an ipod. He asked Santa for an ipod for Christmas and Santa informed me that those things are sort of (ahem) expensive and The Kid is seven and sometimes forgets about new toys in the space of a Cartoon Network commercial break. So Santa found this lovely compromise which is called a Zen Stone. It's half the price of the smallest low end ipod and it holds 250 songs. The Kid doesn't even know 250 songs. Right now there are FIVE songs on his ipod. Lefty and I each chose two songs from our rather eclectic music collection that we thought he would like. But wait, you say, two plus two is four, not five. After an eternity of agonizing (maybe it just seemed this long to me) Lefty declared he could not choose two and had to have three songs and since his third choice was "Look Sharp" I let him, knowing that The Kid would love the song with it's funky keyboard break and opening drums. This has indeed become one of The Kid's favorite songs along with one of my choices, REM's "Stand".

I realize, we prove ourselves to be VERY OLD by these song choices.


  1. The Kid has good taste in music. And tell him Mrs. G. didn't get her first iPod until she was 40.5. And her two teens? They had to buy their own.

  2. I have to admit, I still don't have an ipod. I do have an MP3 player (is that similar?) that I got free when I signed up for Comcast internet three years's still in its plastic package...oh well...

    Joe Jackson? REM? I guess I'm old too, because they're both in my car's CD player.