Thursday, January 24, 2008

Life Keeps Rolling Along

One of my most beloved teachers from grad school passed away this week. Burt Hatlen taught me everything I know about Shakespeare and most of what I carry with me about literature in general. He was a generous and kind teacher who somehow found something to praise in my early, clumsy attempts at writing. His praise made me want to be a better writer. The world will miss him and so will I.

On a lighter note, The Kid had his teeth cleaned yesterday and we got an exuberantly positive report from the usually taciturn hygienist. Last summer we had to have two "pre-cavities" filled and since then we have been on a pretty serious tooth regimen that often causes The Kid to balk at bedtime. But the supervised brushing and flossing every night "no matter what" has truly paid off! Check out this smile.

The Kid is home with me today after spiking a fever (103, gasp) during the night last night. It took the tylenol almost two hours to bring his fever down enough so he could get back to sleep. We are all a little bleary-eyed today, but I have to say it has been nice just hanging out with him and watching cartoons this morning.


  1. I do so truly love lying around and watching cartoons with the kids! Dora, Diego, Tom & Jerry, Spongebob, Transformers, Pokemon, you name. Though my two personal favorites are Kim Possible and Avatar.

    And just to prove I'm grown up, when the kids aren't around, you can catch me watching The West Wing on DVD.

  2. I keep telling my kids that by having no cavities, they are saving thousands of dollars in future dental bills. Glad he got a clean bill of health.

  3. Thanks. We're positively thrilled with his pearly whites!