Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mother's birthday. My mother has given me an immeasurable amount of things over the years. She loves and supports me. She believes (and always has) that I am capable of great things.

My mom did not have it easy as a young mother. I grew up in a violent, alcoholic home, and my mother did her best to protect me and my sisters. There were days when she was able to protect us, and there were days when she couldn't. My mother taught me to survive, and we all did.

My mother gave me an incredibly powerful gift when The Kid was born. She was visiting us in Florida and The Kid was about four months old, going through a growth spurt and nursing a lot. We were on our way somewhere and I had parked the car to get in the backseat and nurse. I was a little teary and apologizing for what a mess I was and I said, "I'm just waiting for things to get back to normal. Then I'll be okay." My mom looked at me and with a serious and almost sad expression on her face, she said, "Honey. There is no going back to normal. This is normal. This is what normal is from now on."

It was devastating and liberating at the same time. I realized, at that moment, that she was right and I have tried to remember that every day as a person and as a parent. Having a child cracks your heart wide open and there's no repairing the crack, no going back to a simpler time, no returning to normal. Every day is just that, a day. It's what you get and give in this singular twenty four hour period that matters.

Some days it's just surviving, and others it's remembering to be consciously grateful for all I have, truly an embarrassment of riches. So, thanks Mom and happy birthday. I count myself blessed to be your daughter.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom...she sounds like an amazing lady!


  2. Happy Birthday to a wise woman!

  3. What a beautiful entry--exactly what I needed to hear on this day--thank you. And Happy Birthday to your mom!

  4. What a great tribute to a great woman. Happy Birthday to your mom.

  5. What a sweet birthday message to your Mom :-) Happy Birthday to her!