Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Karate Day

I don't really look forward to karate day. It means an abbreviated afternoon for The Kid, with homework to do before we go. Then there's the matter of the newish instructor that I despise and have to sit listening to his self aggrandizing chatter while the minutes of my son's not inexpensive class tick away and I have to plot how I might poke his eyes out with knitting needles or key his tacky VW convertible. This week, though, is different. The supremely annoying instructor is out of town and The Kid has his beloved original instructor.

This is the instructor our whole family loves, The Kid's Sifu. He was the reason we knew this was the right karate school for us. He appreciates The Kid's enthusiasm, occasional hot dogging, and karate sound effects. Lefty takes classes from him too. He makes me want to take karate lessons (and for those of you who might be new here, I'm not the karate type).

My main beef with karate day (the rant above not withstanding) is that I have to slam dinner on the table to get The Kid fed, through his night-time ritual and in bed on time. I realize that bedtime is not such a big deal in some other households, but The Kid needs a really good night's sleep or else he's a yawning, whiney basket case. It is in my own best interest for him to get his beauty rest.

When the bad instructor is teaching I am cranky about our accelerated Wednesday night, but because Sifu Steve taught his class today, I smiled and sailed through my slam-it-on-the-table-dinner. Lefty even agreed to take over my nighty-night duties so I could write this while The Kid's in the tub (because we just finished the awful battle in the Department of Mysteries in HP and the Order of the Phoenix and I cannot miss bedtime reading)!


  1. I wish your kid could take all his karate classes from his favorite teacher.

    Have you seen Napoleaon Dynamite? I love the scenes with the martial arts instructor, Rex Kwan Do.

  2. I have to admit (ducking my head in shame) I have not seen Napoleaon Dynamite. It is on my list of things to watch during the writer's strike!

  3. I agree with Mrs. G. Napoleon Dynamite is an absolute must-see. Not a cuss word in the movie and it is laugh-out-loud funny.

    I think the newish karate instructor might be a deal breaker for me.

  4. We struggled with moving him to a different school but since he will move up into a class with the beloved Steve in a month or so, we decided to stick it out. Now, if I can just refrain from coming to blows with the newish guy, we'll have it made.