Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas: The Day After

We had a wonderful Christmas. An embarrassment of riches comes to mind. The Kid was showered in gifts (and his birthday is tomorrow, so there are more to come). Lefty got a external hard drive so he has a place to store all his gigantic music files without gumming up our "big" computer. I got a teeny tiny HP printer for the studio – so I don't have to move files around in order to print them. This moving of files had become the bane of my writerly existence and I am happy to be free of the hassle.

We had a very small house full of house guests last year and much drama ensued. This year it was just the three of us and Christmas was damn near perfect. We opened presents and ate food and played with our toys. We wished a merry christmas to our friends and family in other time zones.

We went for our traditional Christmas hike, which was actually more of a stroll which consisted of some of this

and a little bit of this
and featured the beautiful San Antonio river.
I got some fabulous gifts, not just one but two pairs of pajamas, a hand-drawn poster of my favorite Pokémon, a book I've really wanted and a new book light to read it by. But my two favorite gifts were this: my sister, who has been angry with me since last christmas and has barely spoken to me since, called me yesterday and my other sister, she of wisdom way beyond her years, gave me this t shirt.

I hope your holiday was what you wished for – mine was.

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  1. I am so glad you guys had a great holiday. Love the t-shirt!!!

    Will you send me your address so I can ship your book off to you tomorrow. If you've sent it already, I apologize. My files are in a bit of a mess.