Saturday, November 3, 2007

Missing Swim Class

As I mentioned here, I am not well. The cold that I thought I was successfully fighting off has taken up residence in my sinuses. Obviously colds consider my sinuses luxury accommodations with king-sized beds and mini-bars. I am feverish, congested and exhausted.

But, here I am wrapped in a sweater (and dude, I live in South Texas) huddled over my shiny laptop typing away because it’s November. It’s NaBloPoMo. I must post.

At bedtime last night, The Kid asked me what I was going to win for posting every day in November. I told him it was all about the challenge. He plans on creating a Lego trophy for me if I make it. He is, if I do say so myself, a very cool kid.

He & Lefty are at swim class. I hate to miss swim class. Not only do I love watching my child, who at one point utterly hated putting his face in the water, swim across the pool, but I get to sit with Lefty and have an adult conversation while we watch. Now, I realize, the word adult in that sentence might imply something racy, but alas, by adult I only mean grown-up things, like work and what we will do if the USDA offers him that job in Pennsylvania. Lefty’s schedule this semester has been hellish at best and our grown up conversation time has taken a hit. We’ve been married thirteen years and he is still one of my very favorite people in the world to talk to.

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  1. Feel better Laura! Way to post even when you feel less than...I can tell you are in it for the long haul.