Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's November!

Okay, here we go! NaBloPoMo – Day One. As of today I have typed NaBloPoMo often enough that I don’t have to check to see if I spelled it right or put the capital letters in the right place, I just keep right on typing. This is my first November of the Perpetual Blog. If you check out the history you’ll see that I’m relatively new to all of this and while I looove blogging with all my heart, I’ve been a little lazy about a’ posting. All this will change, today my friends. For starting today and for the next 29, I’m not only posting here but I’m also doing a little “First Thoughts” mini-post on my NaBloPoMo (see how fast I typed that?!) page over here. I am the daring, fearless Goddess of Language, hear me roar!

Actually, I am not that fearless. I worry about running out of quasi-interesting things to say here. But I’m determined to give it my best shot.

Halloween night was wonderful. The Kid recovered from an early morning meltdown involving his best friend’s decision to be a Cub Scout. The Kid is tempted by the Cub Scouts and though I have some real issues with the Boy Scouts of America and their homophobic narrow-minded leadership, if The Kid really wanted to go that route I would support him and be the annoying liberal mom that all the other scout moms were a little afraid of. (My Code Pink Moms for Peace t shirt has already earned me some sketchy comments from the conservative crowd at 3pm pick up.) The meltdown involved a sudden onset of tears followed by this:

The Kid: I want to be a Cub Scout but I don’t want to have to go to any MEETINGS!

Me: Okay. We don’t have to decide this today. Let’s just talk about it this afternoon after school.

The Kid (wailing): Noooooo. I don’t want to be a Cub Scout.

Me: Honey. No one is going to make you be a Cub Scout. Mommy & Daddy don’t even like the Cub Scouts. You do not have to be a Cub Scout.

The Kid: Noooooo. I want to be a Cub Scout! I hate you! (shaking his little fist in my face)

Six. I tell you, six is the new two, developmentally.

But by afternoon all was well. After supper he and Lefty set off for trick or treating and I had a glass of wine and answered the door with our big old bowl of candy. When they returned The Kid’s plastic pumpkin (which he’s had since he was two, same pumpkin, I swear to God) was full to the brim. We sat outside and greeted the last of the trick or treaters. We chatted with the neighbors, The Kid played Pokemon Diamond on his Nintendo, and we discussed every Halloween costume The Kid has worn in his whole little life. He actually remembered the pumpkin suit from his third Halloween that Lefty and I had completely forgotten. It was a great way to end the day.

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  1. I remember six being very moody...oh if we could only buy patience in a bottle. Hang in there. And first day of posting DONE. Good girl.