Tuesday, November 6, 2007


First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who made such kind comments on my post that Amy mentioned here. It did my little heart good to read that so many of you would have joined me on those front steps. A most sincere thank you.

And now for the moment of truth… it has finally happened. I have nothing, absolutely nothing to write about this morning. I’ve spent over an hour at my computer trolling for ideas and there are some fine ones out there, but nothing has really struck my fancy, caught my eye. Not even two bite sized chocolate bars have helped. At this point, I’m wandering around the house, looking at things and thinking, “Are you interesting? How ‘bout you dishwasher? Scary bedroom closet? Leaf-littered yard?”

I tried taking pictures of my shoes, but I am a big shoe geek with more pairs of Keds in my closet than I care to admit and those shoe girls seem to be pretty hip and serious about the shoes – might not get the irony of my shoe shot. I can’t risk it.

Lefty suggested the weather as a topic this morning and I scoffed. “Scoff!” I said to him as he drove off to work. But now after the floundering and the chocolate before lunch, I will take his advice.

It is windy and overcast with a hint of cool in the air that’s promising winter.

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  1. I'm in similar bind. You might consider listing the ingredients of your pantry...this is how desperate I have become. Have I told you about how soft my wash cloths are? or Did you know that my cat's whiskers are crooked? I'm just overflowing with good ideas.