Monday, October 1, 2007


Well, we had ourselves a weekend over here. Swimming lessons on Saturday and then we spent 45 minutes in the Wal-Mart-of-Despair, picking up a grill that was already paid for. Lefty spent the afternoon putting it together and grilled up some very tasty steaks on it.

Sunday was beard trimming day. I had begun to complain that I was getting all hair and no lip at all when we kissed. Fortunately, Lefty takes such complaints seriously.

I caught The Kid singing while he was building this with Legos. I had to stand very still and sort of squat down in the kitchen to hear what he was singing. It was “We want peace in this world. We want peace in this world.” Something he must have heard at school, but oh, it did my little liberal heart good.

By the way, this post is coming to you directly from my fancy new laptop. I may still be figuring out the freelance thing but I’m smart enough to know it was never going to happen if I was constantly competing for computer time with The Kid and his Toontown addiction.

My mom is flying in from Maine tomorrow and we are all thrilled. We haven’t seen her since the dread Christmas episode (if only I’d been blogging then!) and we’re all looking forward to a week of hanging out.

And while I'm envying her the weather, my sister is enjoying autumn. In South Texas, we don't wear sweaters until November, late November.


  1. My daughter sings "Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere!" which is something they do at school. Hehe.

    Happy de-lurking day!

  2. I do need to have a word with someone here re: beard. I will forward this post to him ;)

    Love the song, and have fun with your mom. I'm liking de-lurking day!