Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fingers Crossed

There’s been a lot going on around here lately. (And this is such a cliché, who among you does not have a whole lot going on?) But with the start of a new school year a little more than a week away, I’ll just take a moment to update where we all are as of late August. (And don’t even mention the school supplies – 12 glue sticks!! – that I’ve yet to buy.)

The Kid is doing better. He has good days and bad, most are good. Bedtime is still fraught with fear and worry about bad dreams. This is, of course, because of the bad thing that happened. He find’s it hard to get disturbing images out of his head. His play therapist, who is our new best friend forever, says to give him lots of love and lots of time. I’m hoping the new school year will be a happy distraction for him.

Lefty is just days away from the start of a new semester. He’s trying to squeeze in some last minute recording before classes start and he’s awash in lectures and labs. He also has a new bass.

I’m trying to get ready to transition out of my current job to part-time freelancing. The powers that be seem to be dragging their heels at finding my replacement. It’s hard to be ready to move on, but still treading water in the same old place.

And then there’s Hurricane Dean breathing down our necks. Having learned my lesson three years ago when I was thoroughly price-gouged for bottled water, I’ve stocked up today. I also dug the good lantern out of the bottom of the closet so I’ll know where it is if we need it. My theory about storms is that if you are thoroughly prepared for them, they will not affect you at all. My fingers are crossed.

So, that’s a rather disjointed account of how we are, late August. All three of us on the verge of something new. Looking forward.

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